Interalpin 2023: Everything LED, isn’t it?

Information, safety and orientation systems designed as independent LED solutions or in combination with various LED modules conquer the ski resorts. High visibility and easy activation via the feratel Computer Panorama System (CPS) make these solutions very attractive. Latest developments are presented at Interalpin.

As specialist supplier for ski resorts, sitour renders extensive expert knowledge covering all aspects of information, orientation and safety on and off the ski pistes. Sitour, together with feratel - supplier of innovative IT solutions for the tourist industry, is in the position to offer its customers a vast array of products and services.

LED solutions controlled centrally via the on-site Computer Panorama System (CPS) are in high demand. These solutions include parking and piste signage, status display for ski pistes, facilities and infrastructure on panorama trail maps, access portals to lifts, digital signage or flexible LEDs such as have been recently available. Latter is a world first and on display at the stand.

LED products transport information updated and perfectly visible in all weather and lighting conditions. Whether combined or as independent unit – they are always a good choice. LEDs are clearly visible even from a greater distance, are flexible and can be produced in various colours and shapes. Maximum creative freedom allows to communicate important information the best was possible.

If logged in via a current browser, only one click is needed to change the symbol of the respective infrastructure (lift, piste, parking and more) from ”closed”  to “open” on all connected systems, trail maps, websites as well as on interactive maps. CPS is THE central information database.

Texts for LED tickers can just as easily be composed, changed and transferred, warning lights for pistes and avalanches can be activated or programme-controlled switches may be generated. It does not matter whether you use a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Computer Panorama System (CPS) provides a competitive advantage over other solutions available in the marketplace as it does not need any software installations, it can be accessed by any number of computers via current web browsers and allows the granting of various user authorisations. Other significant advantages of CPS: XML interfaces to external information sources, statistical evaluation.

Since we first launched it in 1996, CPS has been continuouslyenhanced. Today, more than 1,135 panorama, piste and parking signage systems located in thirteen countries are controlled via this system. Together with easescreen software solution all our LEDs and digital signage solutions are just as easy to use as a kid’s
, says feratel CEO Markus Schröcksnadel.

sitour and feratel always offer customised solutions meeting the specific needs and demands of the respective ski resort. Extensive expert knowledge and technological know-how help to implement innovative technologies at ski resorts. This also includes One Stop Shop solutions or panorama pictures which are then transferred to TV stations and weather services. Customers, therefore, are in the comfortable position to obtain all necessary products and services from one supplier.

“The collaboration with sitour/feratel offers ski resorts a vast array of products, services, customised solutions, reliability and excellent customer service. We are an experienced and reliable partner, and it is our objective to maximise the success of the respective ski resort”, says COO Franz Xaver Gruber.



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